Saving lives with games!

Find out how to train your personnel 24/7! It will be fun!


Simple logistics

Play it Safe is an online solution that is easy to plan and available 24/7. No need to organize classical training sessions with the hassle of getting all people together at the same time at the same place. Your employees can train when they have time, regardless of location; whether on the train or at the office.

High knowledge transfer

Traditional training methods and e learning do not have a high return. People appear to know less after training sessions than before. As PHD studies prove: our game based solution offers superior knowledge transfer because we transcend passive knowledge transfer and evolve to active and integrated learning.

Advanced insights

Our advanced insights dashboard offers insight in the knowledge of your employees. We offer you control over the knowledge of a specific employee which courses he followed and what his results were. We also allow you to gain insight at a macro level; you can for instance discover that all male employees between 30 and 35 don’t have a proper understanding of how a fire extinguisher works. This allows you to spend your training budget in a targeted manner.

Cost Effective

Using our solution, the cost of learning and development are drastically reduced. Our simple seat based license gives an employee access to our platform and content at a small yearly cost. Expensive course materials, travel and accommodation are truly a thing of the past!

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Explore Our Features

Easy user management:

The Play it Safe platform allows you to easily manage your users.

You can create groups of users; based on demographics, current knowledge, job description, …, easily communicate with them and assign them to specific courses!

Easy Training management:

Assign training topics and modules to specific audiences within given timeframes and frequencies…

Clear statistics:

Gain insight in the safety knowledge of your personnel. Detect trends or assets even on personal levels.

The training game:

Your personnel trains the topics you want by having fun! 24/7 available to them via Web browser and mobile devices. They train when they want and feel like it.

Meet the Team

We have a scalable team of in-house professionals giving the best each and every day. Meet our core team.

Brecht Kets

Brecht has been in the industry for over a decade. He lives and breathes technology. He has been awarded the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional award for 9 times. He has 10 years experience as a senior lecturer at Howest University, and been managing director of DAE Studios NV for over two years.

Mike Ptacek

Mike is an industry veteran who is a passionate idea generator and strives to submerge others in virtual worlds. Together with Brecht he has coached hundreds of student projects. As creative director at DAE Studios NV, he has plenty of experience steering the creative side of projects.

Marin Brouwers

Technical Artist
As technical artist, Marin is responsible for the visual side of projects. He is a Digital Arts and Entertainment graduate. At DAE Studios NV, he has worked on tons of games, going the extra mile and proving his worth on a daily basis.

Fries Boury

Gameplay Programmer
As interactive programmer, Fries is responsible for bringing the games and platform to life. He is very passionate about technology. As a Digital Arts and Entertainment graduate, he is more than up to the task. He proves this on a daily basis.